If you’re seeking free music or audio for your forthcoming YouTube video production but do not know where to begin then this is the place for you. Let’s make a recommendation for you. The YouTube Audio Library is a fantastic resource for royalty-free music. The YouTube Audio Library, produced by YouTube and maintained on YouTube, is a vast digital library of free music for YouTube. So, how do you begin with it? You should allow us to aid you at this point. We'll explain to you how to use the YouTube Audio Library to incorporate the best music and audio samples into your video in this detailed guide.

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What is the YouTube Audio Library?

Let's get started with the YouTube Audio Library's basics. This library can be found in your YouTube channel's Creator Studio, but you can also visit it on its own as a website.

With much copyright-free music and a simple user interface, the YouTube Audio library is a great place to start. To listen to a song or listen to an audio track, simply click on the "play" symbol next to the track's name. You can get a good quality audio file by clicking on the download icon if you decide to use the song in your video depending on what you hear in the sample. You can also seek up copyright laws for music that isn't available for free.

Before you get started, we'll walk you through the whole process of using the YouTube Audio Library free music so you can assess the advantages and disadvantages of this service.

You can "star" a track if you want to utilize it for another video project instead of the one, you're working on now. This saves the track to your "Favorites" folder for future use.

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Different types of music available on YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library divides music into two categories: "Free Music" and "Sound Effects" as indicated below:

youtube audio library free music

Free Music

Under the Free Music tab, you'll find a specific list of music, along with a Play icon on the left and extra filter bars on the right. Many filters, such as Genres, Instrument, Mood, Attribution, and Duration, are available directly above the Music list. These will be discussed in detail in the following sections of the article.

youtube audio library free music

Aside from the categories, there is a search box where you may manually hunt for your favorite tunes by name, genre, or other filter options like mood and instrument. You can use one of the provided filters to find your song. Alternatively, you can apply as many filters as you want at the same time to get the best results. Assume you're looking for a lively dance track that's longer than 30 seconds, features synthesizers, and isn't credited to anyone else. You can tweak all of these settings to get results that meet the YouTube free audio library's criteria while also meeting your needs.

The following are the four filters accessible in YouTube's audio library:


There are various advanced high-level categorizations in the YouTube Audio library download. For an explanation video, you might want to start with something vibrant, such as Dance & Electronic.


If you have a broad set of requirements, such as placing relevant music in the background for all of your YouTube videos, the Mood filter allows you to focus on the mood you want your films to convey. Start your search in the Bright category, for example, if your explainer video has to be upbeat and quick. Other categories to explore are Angry, Sad, Inspirational, Romantic, and more.


Sorting by this category may assist you in narrowing down your choices to the essentials. For instance, if you want your videos to have a modern, sleek, "techie" vibe, you may start with Synth.


Attribution means that the artist who supplied the music to YouTube's free audio library wants credit in the description of the video. If you want to avoid this for branding reasons, simply avoid the tracks that require it.

After you've finished searching and found the music you want to use in your YouTube video, click the downward-facing arrow icon beside the file name to download the audio library YouTube it in high-quality 320kbps format.

Sound Effects

You can freely browse and save sound effects for your films by applying a filter to the Categorized bar and picking the sound effect that perfectly matches your video. This category includes sound effects for alarms, tools, sports, weapons, cartoons, and more.

Limitations of the YouTube Audio Library

You'll need somewhat more than music from someone who has just learned to master Ableton Live if you want your films to reach that goal of YouTube's success criteria. You'll want to use professionally produced music to help your subscribers understand the message you're trying to convey.

However, there are several limitations to music downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library free that may make you unhappy with your purchase. Some of them are listed below.

“no copyright” music on YouTube

The YouTube Audio Library claims to include "no copyright" music, although the name is a little deceptive. YouTube Audio Library, to be more precise, grants you a free license to utilize its music as long as you obey its restrictions. You violate the license if you break the rules. If you break the license, you're effectively utilizing the music without the consent of the copyright owner, which can get you in serious trouble.

To keep your free license to utilize their music, you must fulfill certain guidelines, according to the YouTube Audio Library channel:

  • In your video description, you must include all of the credits.
  • You cannot claim ownership of the music.
  • You will not be able to sell the song anywhere.
  • Without the author's permission, you are not permitted to remix the song.
  • It is not permissible to utilize the music without acknowledging the source in the video description.
  • It is not possible to remove or add elements to the credits.
  • The video/track cannot be downloaded using third-party software. Always utilize the download links from the YouTube Audio Library.
  • If you want to use the song in a project other than YouTube, you must approach the artist first.

It is vital to follow these guidelines. Failure to follow YouTube Audio Library's criteria can result in a copyright strike, according to the channel's profile. The standards aren't particularly difficult to meet, yet even a minor blunder could cost you.

Using the YouTube Audio Library for other platforms

You'll want to use the music you've obtained from the YouTube Audio Library now. Even if it's simply on YouTube, there are some restrictions on using the songs you download, as we've already discussed. There are some things you should know if you wish to use those tunes elsewhere, such as Instagram or some other video site.

A few of the tracks are marked as demanding attribution, although they are all files that have been made available under a creative commons license. You must be able to utilize them on other sites as well, such as Instagram. Always double-check, as there are times when you won't be able to.

Many tracks on YouTube are marked as not requiring attribution, and it is entirely up to the copyright owner in this case. You'll have to find out who it is and see if they'll let you utilize the music from the audio library elsewhere. YouTube may have compensated them for exclusive rights to use these files on YouTube.

Other drawbacks of YouTube Audio Library

Here are a few more of the YouTube Audio Library's drawbacks that users frequently mention:

1. You won't be able to view or listen to the waveforms on the display that show the dynamics of the song.

2. The search function is limited. You'll have to sift through the possibilities and try a little bit of everything until you strike gold and find something that works well for you.

3. Because so many YouTubers use the YouTube Audio Library (which is free), your videos' music may become hidden in the sands of uniformity, unable to stand out.

Remedies to the Limitations of the YouTube Audio Library

Despite the limitations of the YouTube Audio Library, you might still enjoy a flawless experience when using it to the source audio. The following are among the methods you can use to do this:


The best part about using the YouTube Audio Library is that you may sell your video without having to claim any rights. This is possible since YouTube's Content ID does not object to videos using free music.

Make careful to state the title of the audio track word for word, including the information that you got from the YouTube Music Library when requested to show the rights of commercial use of the audio you utilized in your video.

Use an Attribution License

As indicated in the image below, certain music is accompanied by a Creative Commons Attribution or a basic "attribution-needed" mark.

youtube audio library

Such audio clips from the YouTube Audio Library are free to use, but you must credit the source in your video's description to do so legally.

What more?

How can You Tell if a song in the YouTube Audio Library is copyrighted?

Well, you can type the song title into the Audio Library's search box (not the YouTube search window) that says "search music." Then, from the drop-down option beneath the search results, select the title name. Click "Check its copyright policies" in the top tray of your display box. That way, you'll be able to tell if the song you've picked is protected by copyright.

At this point, you have learned a lot about the YouTube Audio Library. Continue reading the article to get an explanation on how to download YouTube music/Audio.

How to Download YouTube Audios – StreamFab YouTube Downloader

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Method One: Paste the Video URL of the audio you want to Download

Step 1: This method is typically used when you wish to save the audio you're now watching on your YouTube to your computer. To download the audio, simply copy the video URL, then click this Paste URL icon and paste the video URL into the popup window.

youtube audio downloader

Step 2: In the following window, choose Audio from the Format drop-down menu, select audio quality from the Quality drop-down menu, and then click the Download icon to begin the download.

Method two: Inbuilt Browser to Download YouTube audios

Step 1: Using the built-in web browser to download audio is also incredibly convenient. To do so, you just need to navigate to the YouTube logo on the left panel and click to enter it. Or, you can select YouTube from Alphabetical Table which contains a list of all supported websites.

Step 2: Then, like you would on your browser, search for your chosen audio by typing the terms into the search box.

Step 3: When the audio begins to play, a black Download icon will appear on the top left side of the built-in browser; click on it.

Step 4: This is the point at which you choose to download the audio. And the downloading process will be finished in a few seconds.


Hope this article gives you a complete review of the YouTube audio library - what is it, the limitations of the YouTube audio library, and how to remedy its limitations. Most importantly, we hope you know how to download YouTube audios offline with StreamFab YouTube Downloader which is also capable of converter YouTube videos to MP3 format.